Business Investement 2019

Business Investement

Business Investment

Through Canada’s Business Investment Immigration program, You have the options to fast-track your Canadian Immigration process.

You may be offered this opportunity if you are a business person or manager with at least few years of experience and have entrepreneurial skills and you are willing to play a significant positive role in Canadian economy.

There are different program introduced by Canadian Government and Provinces where you desire to settle in Canada you can chose between these Immigration Programs.

The most favorite programs among Passive investors with high net worth is Québec Immigration Investor Program. In this pathway, Investors are able to immigrate to Canada by making a Government-Secured, passive investment.  To be eligible for this program you need to invest the CAD $1,200,000 through an approved financial intermediary for 5 years or you can pay 300,000 non-refundable one time non-refundable fee to the Quebec government.Calculate your Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) score

Immigration through Business Investment , Entrepreneur and Provincial Nominee program,  Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa program are recommended to those individuals who are looking to start a Business and are willing to actively participate in the everyday management of their own  business.

Recently British Columbia has introduced BC Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) Entrepreneur Immigration- Regional Pilot (EI-Regional Pilot). This program aim to attract entrepreneurs to establish their business in smaller or regional communities. This will help the communities’ economic growth and encourage investment outside metropolitan cities.
To be eligible for the EI- Regional Pilot, the investor must start a business  in a city with less than 75,000 population or this community must be located more than 30km away from the municipality plus the community must have the ability to support foreign entrepreneur

There are many options available to you to help you chose the best and fastest way to immigrate to Canada under Business Investment Programs fill out a free assessment to take advantage of our intimate knowledge and extensive experience and discuss your options with the best Canadian immigration consultants.

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