Global Citizenship 2019

New Chapter Immigration group offers clients the best investment immigration programs worldwide. The Luxury of free travel visa through  investment programs have been always attractive to High Net Worth individuals particularly from Middle East,Africa,India,China and Russia.As you may heard and  know there are different ways to obtain a second passport.Among general  possible ways we can mention marrying a native , apply through skill programs or many other programs and do the immigration residency requirements in that country. If you wish to obtain your second passport , or you are in a hurry, you can simply buy a passport via the economic citizenship programs already exist all around the world.Most of UHNW individuals are just interested to obtain second passport with no need to meet the residency requirement.Most of HNW individuals are successful business owner all around the world and wish to benefit second passport luxury and be able to run their business in their own country or some where else in the world. On the other hand  there is no language requirements to apply under investment programs which is one of the most considerable point for people who have no time to study a completely different language.
Another attractive criterion about investment programs in countries like Saint Kitts and Dominica is the tax shelter benefit which tempts Ultra-High Net Worth individuals to seek second Citizenship. No need to mention that many of HNW families are looking for a safe place for their family in case of a political unrest .
There are 12 different countries which sell their passport through investment program. Among all these countries 5 of them offer the most popular investment program for High Net Worth individuals . New Chapter immigration group will give HNW individuals the best service through the most trust worthy and experienced  local lawyers Saint Kitts, Dominica , Cyprus , Portugal and Malta.

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