Can I emigrate to Canada and obtain citizenship via an ACCA qualification and a Canadian grandfather?


I'm 31 and I live in the UK. I want to emigrate to Canada, become a Canadian citizen, raise any future children I may have as Canadians and even take up support for a local sport team (if the local community feels it to be necessary!) My grandfather was born in Canada (to British parents) yet made the decision to return to the UK in his youth. So living in Canada is sort of my dream. I feel like I can be an asset to your country thus my reason for asking.

My current strategy is to start and complete an ACCA (accountancy qualification) with a projected completion date of 2021 (best case scenario) or 2023 (worst case scenario). I have approximately £100,000 in savings and no dependents to bring with me.

So thus I have a few questions:

a) Do you think I would have a good chance at acquiring citizenship with this qualification or should I go and study for something else instead?

b) Does having a Canadian grandfather assist my chances? If yes then is there a way for me to find out what documentation / information would be required? He has since passed away unfortunately so I can't get him to speak to immigration on my behalf.

c) Would there be any places you would recommend? I'm aiming for rural Canada but as most of Canada is rural based on my British perspective that grants me plenty of choice.

Many thanks for any assistance you could provide.

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