Request for AMA: Quebec Skilled Worker Programme

TLDR: The system to getting PR in Quebec is currently creating major grievances among applicants. The Quebec Skilled Worker Programme apparently has a huge backlog, and Quebec immigration quotas are keeping applicants from receiving their PR, it appears. Immigration insiders: what is going on?

I would appreciate someone with inside view to provide some more information or confirm some of my analysis / assumptions.

  1. Applicants (for example [here] ( recently applied for PR assuming 15-17 month processing, but then they're looking at a timeline of 21 months in their profile after AOR.
  2. Within the Quebec-Canada accord, there is a quota on how many immigrants can come to Quebec each year. If that limit is reached, IIRC cannot grant new PRs. This year the quota is 20% lower. At the same time, the number of CSQ holders / QSW applicants are historically very high. This backlog situation explains the longer and longer processing times. PR grants dropped drastically in December 2018 and they have not picked up ever since.

Many people in the above forum are extremely anxious and depressed. They see their timelines become longer and longer. And they (or their lawyer / MP) cannot get a straight answer out of immigration agents about their case. Case notes are redacted, and are of limited use to them.

  • Why is QSW programme taking +21 months, compared to EE taking 6 months?
  • Given the quotas set by quebec, how many QSW applicant will still be admitted in 2019?
  • Is it first come first served, and are applicant residing in Quebec prioritized?
  • Are PRs given in batches? Continuously granted based on the quota left? Or do they process at regular speed until the quota is reached and then there are no grants until the rest of the year.

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