3600 Express Entry Invitations Issued for candidates to apply for permanent residency in the latest Express Entry Draw which was held on September 4th, 2019. The draw was held on the 4th of Sept by Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada (IRCC). and the cut-off score was 463, which is an increase of 6 points from the previous draw held on August 20.

To find more about Express Entry and how to qualify for the stream, go ahead and read more on our website Canadian Immigrations.

Express Entry scores are awarded based on your age, education, language, work experience, etc. To find your score and see if you are eligible to go to the New Chapter CRS Score Calculator.

The Express Entry Draw is different almost every time and this fluctuation is directly related to the number of applicants in the pool of Express Entry and their overall score.

Draw # Minimum CRS Score RequiredDate of Draw       # of ITAs Issued
125463September 4, 20193,600
124457August 20, 20193,600
123466August 12, 20193,600
122459July 24, 20193,600
121460July 10, 20193,600
120462June 26, 20193,350
119465June 12, 20193,350
118470May 29, 20193,350
117332 (*Federal Skilled Trade)May 15, 2019500
116450May 1, 20193,350
115451April 17, 20193,350
114451April 3, 20193,350
113452March 20, 20193,350
112454March 6, 20193,350
111457February 20, 20193,350
110438January 30, 20193,350
109443January 23, 20193,900
108449January 10, 20193,900

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