in the 18th September,2019 Express Entry Draw IRCC invited 3,600 who were eligible candidates in the Express Entry pool of applicant and waiting to be able to apply for permanent residency.

the minimum score cut off for today’s drawing was 462 Which shows one point decrease comparing to the previous draw held on 4th September .

The candidates in the pool of Express Entry will be allocated certain points regarding their age, work experience ,level of education ,having a valid job offer in Canada from a Canadian employer and their language proficiency .these factors are called human capital factors .

They’re Express Entry immigration program has 3 subcategories which are as follows

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. Federal Skilled Trade Worker Program
  3. Canadian Experience Class

to be eligible to apply for Express Entry the candidates have to be qualified for at least one of the subcategories mentioned above. Each of these programs have their own minimum requirements Which you can read in detail on our website.

The draw for each subcategory maybe held in different times of the year. for example, a Skilled Trade Worker Program maybe be held twice during the whole year.

the candidates with highest CRS score will receive Invitation to Apply from the Canadian government.

Candidates have 60 days from the date they receive their Invitation to Apply (ITA) to submit their complete applications to Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada IRCC.

The whole number of Invitation to Applies which has been issued by IRCC since the beginning of 2019 is 63,400. This number shows a huge amount of Increase in comparison to the number of Issued ITAs by this time in the last year.

 In 18th September Express Entry Draw, Canadian government used the tiebreaker system.

That mean all of the candidates who had the score of 462 as well as all the eligible candidates who scored more than this, received Invitation To Apply ITA. The fluctuation in the cut off score depends on different factors such as the number of applicants in the pool of  Express Entry or the gap between 2 Express Entry Draws

the candidates who registered in the Express Entry pool of applicants have one year to increase their points to hit the minimum score in the pool, by getting a better score in the IELTS exam , finding a job in Canada or get a higher educational degree or gaining more work experience ,etc.

having a job in Canada gives candidate from 50 two 600 points, depending on the type of application. If applicants receive a Provincial Nominee Program PNP approval from one of the provinces in Canada they get 600 extra points toward their Express Entry CRS score which guarantees them to receive Invitation To Apply ITA from IRCC and obtain their permanent residency .

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