Ontario PNP wishes to increase the number of provincial nomination approvals dramatically. 

This province has a very high demand for foreign workers with high and low skills. Currently the number of immigrants who have obtained permanent residency of Canada are not enough to solve the existing labor shortage problem in the province of Ontario in Canada.

That is the reason this province will double the number of provincial nomination approvals by 2022. 

Obtaining a provincial nomination approval will give the candidates in the pool of Express Entry to obtain 600 extra points towards their CRS score, which will almost guarantee their permanent residency of Canada.

You can learn more about CRS score points and how to calculate your CRS score on our website.

Each province in Canada is entitled to issue a certain number of provincial nomination approval for interested applicants . all of these applicants are among the economy class immigration program. This number is allocated to each province by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship ,Canada IRCC.

The recent year, the number of PNP issued for the province of Ontario was 6,650 , which is not enough to solve the labor shortage problem in this province.

Previously, Vic Fedeli , the immigration minister of Ontario had pointed this issue and requested to increase the number of PNPs issued in the year 2019. The number of PNP approvals issued in 2019 will reach 61000 by the end of this year . This number shows 7,350 nomination increase in comparison to the previous year but still not enough .

Even with this number of PNP increase , employers in Ontario province face a tough challenge to find talent for their business. Most of the times finding an employee who is a good match for the job, it’s very difficult for the employers and it leaves them no choice but hiring a temporary foreign worker. As the number of approved PNPs in the province is not very high, the employers constantly looking for workers in the local and international labour market.

Ontario PNP will Target 67,800 immigrants in the economy class category and will issue them PNP approval in 2020.

Although this increase will definitely affect the cut off CRS score for the candidates selected by Ontario province, It is not still demonstrated, how many of the issued PNP approvals will be allocated to Express Entry Immigration Program.

We expect that interested applicants to immigrate to Canada under Express Entry program and interested to receive Ontario PNP will have a better chance to get permanent residency in Canada in the next couple of years.

Applicants must have an active Express Entry profile to have a chance to get nominated by any province.

If you need information regarding Express Entry and PNP Please fill our free online assessment form and contact us. One of our immigration lawyers or immigration consultants will give you 30 minutes free advice on your specific qualifications.

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