3400 candidates received an invitation to apply through the first Express Entry draw in 2020 with minimum score of 473.

This is the fifth year since Canada started attracting Skilled immigrants through Express Entry system. This immigration system has been introduced by Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada IRCC in 2015 as an online, point based system. The Express Entry draw is usually  held every two weeks. But because of the new year , the gap for this round of invitation was 20 days which quiet affected the minimum CRS score and explain the raise in the draw today.

This draw system allows Canada to select between the best and most qualified candidates with the highest score in three different sub categories:

Federal skilled worker 

Federal skilled trade worker 

Canadian experience class

The score allocated to every candidate is based on certain qualifications such as age, work experience, education, language proficiency in English or French and of course having a job offer in Canada from an eligible employer. 

Having a PNP approval which can be obtained by having the support os a Canadian employer gives Express entry candidates 600 extra points which automatically guarantee their invitation to apply and permanent residency of Canada.

The minimum score or CRS for the express entry draw held on January 8th was raised by 4 points from 469 in December to 473 points in January 8th.

You can use our CRS calculator tool to evaluate your chance of receiving an ITA.

So far nine Canadian provinces and two territories which participate in provincial nominee program helped the candidates with much lower score to have a chance to receive Invitation to apply as well.

After selected candidates received an Invitation to Apply ITA, they can submit their permanent residency application with ircc. The regular processing time for 80% of Express Entry application is 6 months as mentioned by Immigration refugee and citizenship CanadaIRCC .

It has been promised by IRCC to increase the number of ITAs to 85,800 for the year 2020 and Government of Canada has intention to increase this number even further in year 2021 by 88,800.

Only the applicants who have active Express Entry application has the chance to participate in the draw.

Candidates with an active Express entry profile can stay stay in the pool of applicant for 12 months. Applicants have the chance to increase their points while their profile is active. Candidates can increase their points by obtaining a higher language test results or increasing their level of education. Having an active profile helps candidates not to lose their chance in case the CRS score decreases.

If you need any help to create your Express Entry profile please contact us by e-mail or on WhatsApp and one of our immigration consultants or immigration lawyers will help you to reach your goal of living in Canada.

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