308 candidates received an invitation from Saskatchewan province in the first draw in January 2020 even for candidates without a job offer in Saskatchewan

The first draw of this year resulted in 308 candidates to receive an invitation to apply. These candidates were both from Express Entry and occupation in-demand category.

Saskatchewan PNP program is a point-based system and the maximum points, candidates can obtain is 100.

Candidates can obtain points based on their qualifications such as work experience, age, educational background , job offer in Saskatchewan, and ties to Saskatchewan province. To be able to apply for Saskatchewan provincial nominee program candidates don’t need to have an eligible job offer in Saskatchewan from a Canadian employer. But you have to consider having a job offer in Saskatchewan will significantly impact the outcome of the visa.

In the draw held on January 10th as the first draw of 2020, 142 invitation has been sent to Express Entry candidates. 

All these candidates had an active Express Entry profile under one these 3 following categories

  1. Federal skilled worker program
  2. Federal skilled trade worker program
  3. Canadian experience class

In the express entry pool of applicants, candidates are being selected based on their comprehensive ranking system CRS score, the more points a candidate has, the more chance they have to get elected to receive an invitation to apply.

If any candidate has a job offer in Saskatchewan or provincial nominee program approval in Saskatchewan, they receive extra 600 points which almost guarantee their Canadian Permanent Residency by Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada IRCC.

In the occupation in demand subcategory, 166 candidates were invited. The minimum score in this category was 69.

In 2019 Saskatchewan changed its occupation in demand list and created and excluded occupations list which helps more candidates to have a chance to be selected from different occupations.

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