CRS Score for Express Entry Score dropped again within 24 Hours.

Canada’s Express Entry is seeing a downward trend on the score recently. It has dropped furthermore within 24 hours. May saw the lowest CRS score so far and have given the opportunity for more candidates to apply for Permanent Residency of Canada.

The new draw issued 3371 Canadian Experienced Class CEC candidates with CRS score of only 447 or higher. The score is now 5 points lower than the previous one, which was 452.

Yesterday there were 529 new ITA’s issued for Express Entry candidates through the Provincial Nominee Program. The CRS score for that was 718.

The Express Entry profiles are accessed by their age, education, skilled work experience and language ability in English or French.

A group of candidates that achieve a high score among these factors receive an invitation from CIC to apply for their Canadian Permanent Residency. This program processes majority of the applications within the 6 month mark.

Despite the changes within the Express Entry program due to the Covid-19 impact, it has maintained a positive tone with acceptation it’s candidates to apply for PR. The office is processing the PR application in a timely manner and responding to all questions. Get in touch with us today to start your application and get the assurance you need to make sure nothing goes wrong with your application during this time of the year.

Our team will answer all your questions and we have launched a new application on our website to calculate your CRS score and BC PNP points to determine your eligibility. Calculate your score now.

Over the past 9 weeks. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada IRCC has processed nearly 19,500 applications for Express Entry candidates to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency.

New Chapter Immigration makes sure your application is processed smoothly and you are fully involved with your application. Our best immigration consultants in Canada and immigration lawyers are highly qualified and are happy to assist you with the best service.

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