Canada invites 392 PNP candidates to apply for Permanent Residency of Canada.
In the latest Express Entry draw on June 24th 2020 , Canada has offered PNP candidates an Invitation to Apply.
Including this latest draw Canada has offered 46,392 Invitations to Express Entry candidates in every subcategories.
As you know the human capital factors such as English and French proficiency, work experience, age and education can give a candidate a CRS score up to 600 points.
Having a high CRS score based on human capital increase the chance of receiving an invitation to apply from Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada IRCC.

The minimum CRS score to be eligible to receive invitation through Express Entry program on today’s draw was only 96.
You have to consider that all the applicant who received Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residency of Canada already had and approval from a province. Having the PNP approval, will give the candidates the chance to obtain 600 extra points towards their CRS score which guarantee them to obtain Permanent Residency of Canada only if they earn 96 points from their human capital factors.
It means all the candidates with the total CRS score of 696 and above were eligible to receive an ITA in this draw on 24th June 2020. Canada applied the tie-breaking rules in this draw for all the candidates with a submitted profile before April 23rd 2020 .

You can calculate your CRS score on our website and determine your eligibility to apply for Canadian PR through PNP and Express Entry.
This draw is another good news which shows another decrease in the minimum CRS score in Express Entry draws since the outbreak of COVID-19.
Express Entry is a main economy program to attract foreign workers with skills, to Canada. This program has three subcategories including Skilled Worker Program, Skilled Trade Worker Program and Canadian Experience Class. As you may know Express entry currently is selecting candidates only from the Canadian experience class and those who have PNP approval.

If you are interested to start your Express Entry and PNP application, You can fill the Free Assessment form and one of the specialist in the team of our best immigration consultants and best immigration lawyers will help you.

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