174 Candidates, Interested to Immigrate to Manitoba received Invitation to apply by Manitoba province in the draw held on July 16th 2020 .These Candidates can apply for permanent residency for Canada.

The candidates from the following streams were invited to apply.

  1. Skilled Workers in Manitoba: 134
  2. Skilled Workers Overseas: 11
  3. International Education Stream: 29
    Under Manitoba PNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program) candidates are awarded points out of 1000 for their age, educational level, English or French Proficiency, work experience and other factors as well.

As for today draw, the candidates needed only 430 points for Skilled workers in Manitoba and 811 minimum points for overseas candidates to be eligible to be invited to apply for PR under the MPNP program.
Candidates who want to Immigrate to Manitoba from Overseas do NOT need to be physically present at the time for the application to be eligible.
Overseas Candidates that have a built relationship in Manitoba will have a higher chance of security their application, for ex. A job offers from an employer in Manitoba, family relations etc.
International students that graduated from an educational institution in this Province and want to Immigrate to Manitoba may receive their LAA under International Education Stream according to their skills.
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