In the year 2015, BC PNP was introduced under Canada-British Columbia Immigration made an Agreement (CBCIA) with the federal government. Since then there is a provincial program which lets the province of British Columbia to attract immigrants with certain criteria who can contribute to the growth of the province. PNP is one of the easiest ways to obtain permanent residency of Canada for skilled workers. British Columbia can only nominate a limited number of candidates each year. workers or international graduates with the skills for high-demand occupations in B.C can apply to become a Permanent Resident of Canada through the BC PNP Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC (EEBC) program. To find out the program detailed requirements and determine your eligibility, please contact our team of professional immigration consultants and lawyers.
The first step to apply through this program is to get approved as a provincial nominee, you and your dependent family members can apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to become a permanent resident of Canada in the Provincial Nominee Class.
To be qualified for this program you need to have the following minimum requirements for BCPNP
Minimum Requirements:
The following criteria are EEBC minimum requirements. You must:

  • meet the criteria for at least one of the federal economic immigration programs subject to IRCC’s Express Entry system
  • obtain a valid IRCC Express Entry Profile Number and a Job Seeker Validation Code, and indicate your interest in immigrating to B.C.
  • receive a nomination under one of the BC PNP’s EEBC categories If you are interested in applying to the BC PNP under an EEBC category, you need to ensure that you meet the minimum criteria for both the relevant BC PNP category as well as one of the eligible federal economic immigration programs.

You must meet the minimum criteria for one of the categories under the Express Entry BC stream:

  • Express Entry BC – Skilled Worker
  • Express Entry BC – Healthcare Professional
  • Express Entry BC – International Graduate
  • Express Entry BC – International Postgraduate

You require to have a valid job offer from a B.C. employer. This job offer must be for permanent, full-time employment.
NOTE: International Post-Graduate, don’t need to have a job offer.
Not only you have to meet BC PNP requirements, but you must also meet the minimum criteria for one of the federal economic immigration programs such as:

All federal immigration programs require a language test at a prescribed level.
the following are your minimum qualifications, requirements for your employer, and the job offer in all categories of both the Express Entry BC and Skills Immigration streams:

  • Your B.C. employer must offer you permanent, full-time employment in an eligible occupation located in B.C.
  • You must be qualified for the job offered.
  • The wage you have been offered must be competitive with B.C. wage rates for the occupation.
  • You must meet the minimum language requirements for the federal category under which you are eligible. • If you are claiming points for language under the registration system, you must provide the BC PNP with a copy of your language test results at the time of application, regardless of the NOC Skill Level of your B.C. job offer.
  • You must demonstrate that you meet minimum income requirements.
  • You cannot own more than 10 percent of the company which gives you the job offer.
  • Your employment must provide economic benefit to B.C.
  • Your employment must not negatively affect the Canadian or British Columbia’s job market.
  • If you get an invitation to apply from the province of British Columbia, you must submit the $700 application fee before your application will be processed.

Incomplete applications will not be approved.

  • The BC PNP will not nominate someone who:
  • is prohibited from entering Canada
  • is under a removal order in or outside of Canada
  • is in Canada and is out of status
  • has worked in Canada without authorization
  • an individual whose status has expired
  • has an unresolved refugee claim in Canada

The easiest pathway to obtain BC PNP approval for Skilled workers with the background in Tech jobs is BC PNP tech pilot program.

You can read in detail about this program on our website.

If you are applying through Express Entry, you have to have the minimum points in the next Express Entry draw to receive an invitation to apply by IRCC

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