August 9, 2020

Canada is offering packages to International Student.

The new policy will allow international students in Canada to begin their education online from fall 2020 and still be eligible to get a work permit after their studies.

Getting a PR in Canada has become more competitive over the past few years. Some of the ways candidates can have their chance to apply for the Permanent Residency of Canada is through considering study permits if they have the means to study in Canada as an International student.

Canada offering different options for International Students who want to Study in Canada. The new policy will allow students to begin their education online from fall 2020 and still be eligible to get a work permit after their studies.
To obtain a Permanent Residency in Canada, the educational pathway can be the most helpful program.

The Canadian Immigration and Citizenship IRCC evaluate the CRS score based on the candidates’ age, language skills, Canadian or Foreign work experience, and education. Since most of the international students are also young it helps them get a high age score.

Pursuing an educational pathway in Canada will help you achieve educational credits which will help you in your career and help to find a job that can intern help for getting PNP through your employer.
Apart from that international students also can work while they are studying and obtain a Post-Graduation work permit after their educational program has been ended.
The study permit of Canada will allow you to work for up to 20 hours per week for any employer while you study and full-time during the spring and summer breaks or coop.

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