Intra company transferee

Intra Company Transferee Visa gives the business owners to register a business in Canada and immigrate through this immigration program. This program is one of the popular pathways to obtain a Work permit and eventually Permanent Residency of Canada for business owners, people with specialized knowledge, and senior managers.

Individuals working for a company that has a branch, subsidiary in Canada have the opportunity to Immigrate to Canada with the help of their employer. As per IRCC guidelines, These individuals are Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) exempt.

From the past three years, the individual must be working for continuously one full year as a full-time position and a similar position that they will be taking over at the Canadian Business. The individual who is interested to immigrate to Canada through Intra Company Transferee Visa must fall under one of the following functions:

  1. Specialized Knowledge – The individual is a key asset to the company with specialized knowledge at an advanced level of expertise for the product, services, processes, and procedures.
  2. Functional Managers – An employee who manages the key functions that are essential to the business’s goals.
  3. Executives and Senior Managers – CEO and Executives who play an essential role in senior decision making within the company.

Foreign businesses that want to bring their individuals to Canada may take advantage of the Intra-Company Transferee Visa program and bring their critical personals to work in Canada.

Some of the basic requirements for the businesses to obtain an Intra Company Transferee Visa is as follows.

  1. Evidence stating that the company has enough funds to support the start-up cost and is fully capable of compensating its employees.
  2. A detailed business plan is required, we will help you prepare this plan and it will state a detailed version of how, when, and where the business will be set up.
  3. Evidence that physical premises have been secured or are in process.

If you are a business anywhere in the world wanting to register a business in Canada and Immigrate to Canada or transfer any of your key or specialized employees to Canada, under Intra Company Transferee,  New Chapter Immigration is rated as the best Immigration Lawyer in Vancouver and will help you and your business achieve its goal quickly and professionally. Contact us through email or directly on WhatsApp and we will give you a free consultation to discuss further options for you.