Caregivers in Canada

live in caregiver Canada

The Canadian government tries to welcomes qualified live in caregiver in Canada from all around the world to solve the labor shortage problem in this particular field.  Through live in caregiver program Canada, you can immigrate to Canada as a caregiver if you meet the requirements of this immigration program.
The live in caregiver occupation is in very high demand in many provinces in Canada.
On June 18, 2019, the government of Canada changed the live in caregiver program Canada quiet significantly as the previous program was not efficient enough. Along with this change, the old caregiver program which was caring for children program and caring for people with high medical needs, change to a home childcare provider pilot and home support worker pilot program. These two programs are a direct pathway to Canadian PR. But the cap for accepted application is only 2,750 out of a total of 5,500 submitted applications per year.
These two pilot programs replaced the old caregiver immigration pathway for caregivers specialized for children and caring for people in high medical needs
NOTE: As the old caregiver program is closed and the government of Canada doesn’t accept any new application under the old system, we won’t talk about it on this page.
Another huge change happened on July 8th, 2019 by the introduction of interim partway for caregivers for 3 months from June 8th until October 8th, 2019.
Through this new program launched in 2019, Interested applicants to have a nanny job in Canada, are able to receive an occupation restricted open work permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) if
• They meet the eligibility requirements and
• Have a genuine job offer from a Canadian employer.
This type of work permit is a little different from the others.
Caregivers who hold an open work permit as a caregiver can work only in occupation as a home childcare provider or home support worker but for any employer and any province except Quebec.
o The home childcare provider caregivers with the NOC code 4411
o And the home support worker caregivers with the experience in NOC code 4412 are eligible to apply under this pilot program.
One of the biggest advantages of this immigration pathway is the fact that employers don’t need to apply for LMIA to be able to hire a temporary foreign worker as a caregiver.
And the experience made during the two years eligibility of the open work permits can help interested applicants to obtain their Canadian permanent residency in the future.

Who can apply for a caregiver immigration program?

Candidates must have at least 1 year, job experience as home child provider for home support worker
• Have to enough language proficiency of CLB 5 or higher
• Have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent from another country
• The interesting candidates must be admissible to Canada.
Note: The experience earned previously in Canada under a previous living caregiver program can be counted for PR at the time of application.

Who can apply for interim Pathway as a caregiver?

o People who have language skills of CLB level 5 in English or French
o Candidates who applied for restoration or eligible for it.
o Candidate needs to show they have finished secondary school or its equivalent If they have studied outside Canada.
o Candidates must have 1 year of relevant job experience
o Candidates who applied for renewal of their work permit
This program doesn’t have any cap for the number of applications IRCC will receive and process. so all the qualified candidates have the chance to immigrate to Canada as a caregiver.

Live in caregiver in Canada are not eligible for this program.
Some of the important factors in the interim pathway
This new pilot program will let caregivers immigrate to Canada with their families and obtain Canadian permanent residency for their whole family if they have a nanny job in Canada offered by a Canadian family.
The work permit provided to caregivers is an occupation restricted. This kind of work permit will give the candidates the chance to change their employers as they wish.

The spouse of the applicant can obtain an open work permit and the dependent children of the applicant can apply for a study permit.
Because the Canadian government is very keen to keep family reunited, the interim pathway launched in June 2019 gives interested applicants the opportunity to bring their whole family along with them to Canada and obtain Canadian permanent residency for all of them.
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