Permanent Residency of Canada

The difference between Permanent Residency of Canada status and Temporary Resident status In Canada.

in general, there are 2 different types of visas issued to foreigners.

Temporary Residence Visas

Permanent Resident Visas

Temporary Resident Visas includes Study Permit, Work Permit, and Visitor Visa.

These 3 types of visas can be issued for different purposes for interested applicants. For example, People with a Study Permit can only study in Canada and they are not entitled to work in Canada unless they obtain a work permit.

Visitor visa Holder is not allowed to work or even a study in Canada, visitors only have the right to visit and go back to their home country not later than 6 months after their entrance to Canada.

It is very important to understand the rights and limits of any kind of Canadian visa that you are applying for. Applicants who apply for Temporary visas must satisfy the immigration officer that they will obey the Canadian law and they commit to their obligation according to their visa and they will go back to their home country Before the expiry of their visa.

For example, visitors must satisfy the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada IRCC that they are genuine tourists and DO NOT intend to apply for refugee status or Work Permit or stay In Canada any longer than the validity of their visa. Each applicant must prove their intention by different documents. Our immigration lawyers in New Chapter Immigration Group will assist you with the preparation of any kind of Temporary Resident Visa or Permanent Resident visa application.

Permanent residency of Canada

people can obtain the permanent residency of Canada through different immigration programs available by the Canadian government. some of these programs are as follows

Express Entry Immigration program

Spousal Sponsorship

Entrepreneur Program

Québec Investment Program

Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship

and many other programs

People who hold PR of Canada has the following rights

They can enter Canada as they wish,

They have the right to work or study or live in any province in Canada.

They have the protection under the Canadian charter of rights and freedom

and they have the rights to apply for a Canadian passport

Permanent Resident of Canada have all the rights of a Canadian citizen except

  • Voting or running for the election or
  • Getting a job in a very high-security position.

How can I renew my permanent residency?

the PR card of Canada is valid for 5 years. To be able to renew your Permanent Residence card you need to leave at least 730 days during the last 5 years in Canada. This number of days can be in-continuous and you can exit Canada as many times as you wish during their validity of your permanent residency card.

Reasons you may lose your Permanent Residence status

If for any reason your Permanent Resident card expires before you renew it, you won’t lose your status.

you will only lose your status in the following situations:

  • you will only lose your status in the following situations:
  • a judge decides that you don’t meet the permanent residency requirement anymore
  • You have a removal order
  • you obtain a Canadian passport or citizenship
  • You give up your Permanent Resident status willingly.
  • Renouncing your PR status

If you don’t meet the residency requirements to renew your PR card or if you don’t want the Permanent Residency of Canada for any reason, you have to apply to willingly renounce your PR status before being able to enter Canada.

You will not be able to enter Canada if you don’t have a valid Permanent Residency card unless you willingly give up your permanent resident status or obtain a Permanent Resident Travel Document.

Sometimes in the following cases, Canadian Permanent Residents wish to give up their permanent resident status

They don’t meet the residency obligation to renew their PR card

and they are not willing to wait to get the result for their permanent resident assessment from the officers

or they don’t want to wait at the Port Of Entry for the processing delays

They don’t have their PR card, but they want to visit Canada

If you have any issue regarding your Permanent Resident status or you don’t meet the residency requirement, you can contact the best immigration lawyers an immigration consultant in the New Chapter immigration group and we will advise you regarding your situation. contact us today to save your Temporary Resident Visa or Permanent Resident Status

Note: If your permanent residency card has expired or you have lost your PR card you have to apply for a permanent resident travel document to be able to come back to Canada.