September 11, 2020

PNP is the easiest way to immigrate to Canada for skilled workers

This is true that the provincial nominee program PNP is one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada for skilled workers candidates who apply through the economy class.

First, you have to understand how PNP works. 9 provinces and territories in Canada participate in the provincial nominee program introduced by the Canadian government. Each province has its own PNP system and separate criteria to attract its necessary foreign workers need to help the growth of that province in Canada.

So Although you may be very qualified in a field, very educated, with a very good level of language proficiency and work experience if you choose the wrong PNP program you will have no chance to get PNP approval which can lead you to obtain Canadian PR. Candidates who are interested to immigrate to Canada with the PNP program should choose their province very wisely.

We are going to explain some programs for specific applicants in different categories down below to help you chose the best PNP immigration program for yourself


Best PNP program for candidates who have experience in a province or territory

Most of the provinces prioritize attracting immigrants who already have a link to their province. Manitoba PNP program gives extra points to people who worked, studied, or have a close family member in Manitoba. If you have studied as international students in Manitoba and graduated in the province, there are three subcategories under which you can apply to obtain permanent residency in Canada.


Best PNP program for tech workers

Ontario and British Columbia provinces are very keen on attracting tech workers to their provinces. Both provinces have a dedicated tech draw for candidates within the pool of Express Entry.

BC PNP tech pilot program has a draw every week under the BC skills immigration program. The tech pilot draw is dedicated to 29 designated technology occupations introduced by British Columbia PNP.

The Tech draws for the Ontario province is quite different and is only for candidates with tech experience under six occupations such as computer engineering, web design, and IT, etc.


Best PNP program for candidates who don’t have a job offer in Canada.

Saskatchewan PNP is one of the best options for candidates who don’t have a job offer in Canada. Saskatchewan offers two different programs for candidates, interested to live in this province. The first program is the Saskatchewan Express Entry. To be qualified for this program you need to have an active Express Entry profile. And to be eligible to open and express entry profile you have to have the minimum requirement for one of the following subcategories

  • Federal Skilled worker program
  • Federal skilled trade worker program
  • Canadian experience class

The second way to immigrate to Canada through Saskatchewan PNP is in the occupation in-demand stream which is very popular if you have any link to the province. The main requirement for the in-demand occupation immigration stream is to have at least one year of experience in one of the occupations introduced by Saskatchewan province.

Nova Scotia provincial nominee program is another PNP program which gives you the opportunity to immigrate to Canada without having a job offer from a Canadian employer. This immigration program chooses the candidates inside the Express Entry pool with the work experience in the occupations needed in the province. Other than physicians the rest of the candidates in other occupations do not require to have a job offer in Canada.

Ontario PNP is the most popular immigration stream for candidates who don’t have a job offer in Canada. To be qualified for this immigration program you need to first have an active profile in the pool of Express Entry.


The candidate who speaks French

The Province of Quebec like many other provinces searches the express entry pool of applicants mostly for French-speaking individuals who at the same time meet the other requirements to feel the labor market shortage in this province. So if you have a good level of French language there is a good chance you will be picked by Quebec province.



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