Immigration Package

The inclusive immigration package service is popular among our clients as it is very comprehensive and convenient for our clients. by taking your immigration package service from us you rest assured that you will have a very smooth immigration and settlement process for the new chapter of your life in your new country. athe services provided to you regarding your immigration application included in your package.

New Chapter Immigration, package Services includes

  • Providing you Initial free assessment
  • Providing you with unlimited hours of consultation and support during the process of your application
  • Preparation of your Personalized immigration program strategy step by step
  • Advising you on all the required document for the immigration program you are applying under
  • Reviewing documents prepared by you
  • Advising you on preparing your resume and necessary letters and documents
  • Reviewing your immigration application after completion
  • Submitting your immigration application to IRCC
  • Giving you a consultation and answering to all your concerns during the process of your Canadian immigration application
  • Providing you with the update on your application
  • on your application
  • Providing you with updates on the processing  time of your application
  • Being in contact with Canadian officials on your behalf about your application
  • Providing you with Settlement  packages
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