SINP Saskatchewan in demand occupations

Are you interested to Immigrate to Saskatchewan through PNP program? be aware of the 2019 last update on Saskatchewan province List of Occupations in Demand
According to the new updates on the Saskatchewan PNP program SINP, there are some updates on the list of occupations in-demand.In the update which was done in April 2019, only accounting technician, glazier, tailor, baker, appliance service technician, and Computer programmer occupations were in the list of occupations in demand in Saskatchewan. These new changes demonstrate that you don’t necessarily need high net worth, high education, or even high language proficiency to Immigrate to Saskatchewan.

The list of occupation in demand for Saskatchewan PNP is updated by the province again.

In the last update, the number of occupations in demand has increased from 19 occupations to 200 occupations.

That shows a very high demand for the skilled immigrants in the province and the labor shortage problem that this province is facing.

In general Saskatchewan, the province has 2different Immigration sub-programs to attract certain skilled workers under the Saskatchewan Immigration Nomination Program to this Providence for the candidates who are looking to Immigrate to Saskatchewan.

  • Express Entry
  • In-Demand Occupations

The candidates who apply for the Saskatchewan PNP program under Express Entry must have an active Express Entry profile. all the candidates who have an active Express Entry profile may obtain up to 600 points for their human capital factors such as, age, education, work experience, etc.

To be eligible under the Saskatchewan Express Entry program, the first step is to create a complete Express Entry profile. Even if you don’t have enough points now to get an Invitation to Apply ITA, you may have the chance to receive PNP approval at any time from the Saskatchewan province and obtain 600 extra points to obtain Permanent Residency for Canada.

Note: The applicants who are applying under the Express Entry must have at least one year of full-time work experience to be eligible to Immigrate to Saskatchewan under this immigration program.

The candidates who have Saskatchewan PNP program or SINP approval will receive 600 extra points for their CRS score, this will guarantee their application to receive ITA or invitation to apply from IRCC to obtain permanent residency for Canada.

the second category is in-demand occupations, candidates who apply through this category don’t fall under the Express Entry program so their immigration process will be longer. The applicants who applied through this program are required to have related work experience

And the last update done by Saskatchewan province shows that instead of introducing the eligible occupation Saskatchewan province decided to only publish the list of occupations that will not be considered under the list of in-demand occupations subcategory for the province.

This will give the candidates who have work experience the opportunity to enter the Canadian job market and obtain Canadian permanent residency through Saskatchewan province.

The first step to qualify to Immigrate to Saskatchewan under this program is to submit an Expression Of Interest to apply under Saskatchewan any of the Immigration programs
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