October 8, 2020

Parents and grandparents immigration program opens in October 2020

You wish to sponsor parents and grandparents to come to Canada as permanent resident?

This article gives you all the necessary information about Parents and Grand parents Immigration program in 2020

Immigration refugee and citizenship Canada IRCC ,released the opening time for the parents and grandparents immigration program. After waiting for a long time, now Canadian citizens and permanent residents have the chance to support parents to come to Canada ,obtain permanent residency and reunite with their family members. The program opens on October 13th at 12:00 p.m. EDT and closes on November 3rd at 12:00 p.m. EST, so if you wish to sponsor your family member to Canada, this may be your only chance in 2020.  

IRCC has promised to accept 10, 000 applications for parents and grandparents sponsorship program in 2020 . 

To apply for parents and grandparents sponsorship program, you must submit an interest to a sponsor form on IRCC’s website between October 13th and November 3rd 2020.

The candidates who submit an interest to sponsor parents to Canada will be randomly picked by IRCC.

If you receive an invitation to apply from IRCC, you must submit your complete application within 60 days.

Although IRCC has promised to to accept another 30, 000 PGP immigration application next year in 2021, it is unknown when the program will open for the submission of interest to sponsor.


Eligibility criteria to sponsor parents and grandparents to Canada

The sponsor must 

  • Be Canadian citizen or permanent resident or registered Indian
  • Meet the minimum necessary income according to your family size
  • Reside in Canada
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Agree to sign an undertaking form which oblige the sponsors
  •  Support their family member financially for 20 years 
  • Repay any of the social assistance their family member collects from the Canadian government during 20 years after obtaining Canadian PR.

Note: residents of Quebec require to sign an extra undertaking form for the province of Quebec.


You Can use the help of your spouse or common law partner as a cosigner to meet the minimum necessary income to a sponsor  family member to Canada. If your Partner is the cosigner on the family sponsorship application, he or she must meet the other eligibility criteria as well and sign the undertaking form for 20 years.


To show that you can financially support your family member in Canada in the next 20 years , you must submit your tax returns (notice of assessment) for the last 3 years prior to the application submission date .

Note: residence of Quebec required to only show one year of tax returns to meet minimum necessary income.

By asking you to sign the undertaking form, Canada wants to Ensure that your family member will not be a burden on Canadian Government after becoming a Canadian permanent resident

Steps to sponsor parents or Grandparents to Canada

  1. Complete the interest to a sponsor form on IRCC’s website after 13th Oct 2020 and not later than November 3rd 2020
  2. Wait for the invitation to apply from IRCC
  3. Submit your sponsorship application not later than 60 days after receiving your invitation to apply

Note: Quebec residents must obtain a Quebec selection certificate CSQ as an extra requirement and submit it to IRCC with their application.

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