Sponsoring Parents and Grandparents

To apply Family sponsored visa to Sponsor Parents to Canada through Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) you need to first show an Expression of Interest by submitting an Interest to Sponsor form to Immigration & Citizenship Canada IRCC.
The 2019 Interest to Sponsor form was available on the Canada Immigration website for interested sponsors on January 28, 2019.
Please be advised that only 20,000 applications will get accepted through this program this year and as soon as the PGP program is full no more application will be received by IRCC, so don’t lose your chance and start your application as soon as possible. Please make sure you meet the requirement to sponsor your parents or grandparents before filling the Interest to Sponsor form.

Qualification factors under this Family sponsored visa are as followed:

  • be 18 years of age or older
  • be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident of Canada
  • Provide proof of residency in Canada when filling the interest to sponsor form
  • sign an undertaking
  • to financially support the sponsored parents or grandparents and repay any social assistance they may get from the Government of Canada for 20 years after they become Permanent Residents
  • Have filled 3 years of federal taxes, NOA for the last 3 years and
  • meeting the  Low Income Cut off (LICO) during the last 3 tax years

Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) to Sponsor Parents to Canada

Size of Family Unit Minimum necessary gross income
1 person (your child or grandchild) $24,949
2 persons $31,061
3 persons $38,185
4 persons $46,362
5 persons $52,583
6 persons $59,304
7 persons $66,027
More than 7 persons, for each additional person, add $6,723

The individuals who have been chosen by the Government of Canada will receive an Invitation to Apply and will be able to submit their Family sponsored visa applications. Applicants have 60 days to submit their full application and pay the processing fees after receiving their Invitation to apply.
The processing time for Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) is between 20 to 24 months.
If you have received a PGP invitation, contact our office in Vancouver and we are able to help you to prepare your application and submit it with the ultimate proficiency and help you to reunite with your loved ones and sponsor your parents or grandparents to Canada.