September 25, 2020

Canada reduces the processing time for spousal sponsorship applications

Canada has decided to increase the number of processed spousal sponsorship applications to 6,000  per month between Oct and the end of 2020.

Spousal sponsorship application handling has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Migration serves Marco Mendicino alleged the difficulties that more slow processing time has caused for families, expressing:

We understand that the last few months have not been easy for those who are far from their loved ones in these difficult times. This is why we are accelerating the approval of spousal applications as much as possible. Our government will continue to find new ways to keep families together.


Under its Immigration Plan for 2020-2022, Canada set a goal to invite 70,000 spouse, common-law partner, and kids out of the general 341,000 foreigners it intended to welcome in 2020. This arrangement and these objectives were set preceding the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

IRCC noticed that the COVID pandemic has increased vulnerability for Canadian residents hoping to support their spouse or common law. It will keep on looking for creative and understanding approaches to unite families.

IRCC said it will actualize facilitative biometrics measures, but has not yet introduced a rule and regulation in this regard.

In the coming weeks, it will likewise direct innovation to lead interviews with candidates distantly and online.

These activities are pointed toward facilitating, quickening, organizing, and concluding around 6,000 spousal applications every month all the way to the finish of 2020.

Altogether, this will increase the number of applications to about 49,000 applications before the current year’s over.

Canada is looking to process 6,000 spousal sponsorship applications every month among October and December 2020.

Likewise, IRCC will use new innovation in a pilot to digitize paper applications. This is to permit IRCC representatives working distantly and at different work settings to have the option to rapidly deal with applications.

This significant news has recently been declared by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

IRCC has expanded the quantity of staff that will process spousal sponsorship applications by 66 percent so as to diminish hold up times and cycle applications, all more rapidly.

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