Spousal Sponsorship

Spousal Sponsorship Application
Canada highly supports reuniting families through different Family Class Immigration categories, such as Spousal Sponsorship. That is the reason, the Family Class applications are being processed in priority in Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (CIC). Under the Spousal Sponsorship program, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident are able to bring their spouse or common-law or conjugal partner to Canada and obtain Canadian permanent residency for them.
To sponsor your spouse, conjugal or common-law partners, one of the most important factors is to provide enough proof to show Genuity of your relationship.
You must have lived for 12 months and more with your common-law partner to be eligible to apply under this program. If you can prove there are real barriers that prevent you from living with your partner, you may be still eligible for this program. It is important you can demonstrate you have combined your affairs as much as possible such as having a joint bank account or a shared title on a property. There have been Some successful cases in conjugal partner sponsorship class, but it is very tough to prove these kinds of relationships. We recommend you to avoid this pathway if you can.
To be eligible, to be successful in spousal sponsorship application, to sponsor spouse, partner, or dependent children to become permanent residents of Canada, sponsors must show that they are able to:
1-Support their spouse financially for 3 years and support their dependent child for 10 years, or until age 25, whichever comes first
2-Make sure their spouse won’t apply for social assistance from the government of Canada
In some cases, for certain reasons, sponsors might NOT be eligible to sponsor a spouse or common-law to Canada. These reasons are as followed:

  1. sponsor is on social assistance
  2. sponsor has declared bankruptcy
  3. sponsor has a record of violent crimes or crimes against family members

You can easily fill our Assessment Form and one of our consultants will help you to determine your eligibility for this program.
After assurance that you are eligible, you must decide if you wish to apply for land or inland Canada. Outland application is for the spouse who is outside Canada and for any reason, wishes to apply out land or probably is not able to get a visa to enter Canada. This method of applying for spousal sponsorship is mostly considered because of its advantages such as shorter processing time and the fact only outland application will give you the opportunity to appeal in a refusal case. But be advised that most of the outland applications will be invited for an interview. Current processing time for spousal sponsorship can be seen here

If your spouse has a valid status to stay in Canada, you can choose between out-land or inland application. If you apply for the Inland application, your spouse will be advised not to leave Canada until the end of the spousal sponsorship application process. The inland application usually takes 6 to 8 months for the first stage approval. The whole inland application process usually takes 12-18 months. If the sponsor successfully passes the approval, the spouse will be able to apply for health care and an open work permit.
In both types of applications, applicants( person being sponsored) can be called for an interview if the visa officer has doubts about the relationship Genuity.
If your spouse or partner has a dependent child, he or she must be included in the PR application, even if they don’t want to come to Canada.
Dependent children mean a child who is single and under 22 or full-time students since before age 22 or dependent because of disability or medical problem.

Under certain circumstances, you can sponsor your spouse without residing in Canada, only if you are a Canadian citizen. But in order to sponsor your spouse as a Canadian permanent resident, you must be living in Canada during the process.
Applicant (the persons who are being sponsored) may need to give biometrics after the submission of the application.
The process of sponsoring a spouse, partner, or a child may take about 12 months.
Usually, the processing fee to sponsor a spouse to Canada is $1,040, and for a child $150.
If you are eligible to apply, for more information and further assistance to submit your application Please Contact us and our best immigration lawyers and consultants will be happy to help you.