August 28, 2019

Temporary Foreign Workers in Quebec

Quebec offers funding to help businesses recruit temporary foreign workers.

Quebec has offered $55 million in funding to help businesses in recruiting and integrating temporary foreign workers. Almost $20.9 million will assist international recruitments by businesses.
Since 2017 Quebec has seen over 36% increase in work permits offered to temporary foreign workers. As of 2018, the number continued to grow, and more and more businesses were able to fulfill their vacancies.
Quebec has been criticized for facing a labor shortage for the past 40 years and it now has one of the highest job vacancies across all the provinces.
Subsidies for recruitment, moving expenses
About $1000 from within the budget is being pledged to the businesses that cover $1000 in order to help the move of temporary foreign workers.
The rest of the funding, approx.. $34 million with go toward recruiting foreign workers from with these two programs – the Programme d’aide à l’intégration des immigrants et des minorités visibles (PRIIME) and the Programme d’intégration en emploi de personnes formées à l’étranger référées par un ordre professionnel (IPOP).
As Quebec’s population is aging and the labor pool is shrinking, it may be an advantage and an investment for the Government of Quebec to take these steps to fill the shortage to the labor market within the province.
. You can also visit the Quebec immigration website for detailed information on new policies for Temporary Foreign Workers in this province.

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