June 13, 2019

Canada accelerate LMIA application processing time for many occupations amid Covid-19

Because of COVID-19, Canada speeds up the process of temporary foreign workers and LMIA applications.

Due to the labor shortage, Canada is facing in the food industry, the Canadian government is prioritizing the applications for Temporary Foreign Workers in the food sector for certain occupations especially in the farms all around the country.

Canada has a new policy to accelerate the process of the Temporary Foreign Workers program to help employers to meet their needs from the labor market.

Many farm businesses and employers rely on temporary farmworkers who come every year to Canada to work in seasonal occupations in farms and in the food industry so the border closure to many of the non-residents have caused Canada to feel the shortage of essential labors which made Canadian employers too faced a lot of difficulties.

That is the reason, Canada has started to prioritizing Labour Market Impact Assessment LMIA applications and speed up the process of these types of applications in the food industry such as agriculture, food processing, trucking, and primary agriculture.

There are some changes and extra measures taken by the Canadian government to ensure the employers’ needs are met.

Flexibility in LMIA application

Many of the employers forced to lay off their employees due to COVID-19. And most of the employers who have done that, in general, are not qualified for LMIA, but these days service Canada is more flexible in case employers have laid off some employees or have changed the term of the employees like the employee wage and weekly hours.

LMIA application via email

Previously all LMIA applications had to be done through post, now due to COVID-19 Service Canada has started to update their system of application processing. In the early future, all the LMIA applications will be done through email.

LMIA Extension

The validity of the LMIA is extended from six months to nine months. This is very good news for both Canadian employers and temporary foreign workers.

Even the LMIAs which already have been issued by service Canada and have the validity of 6 months will automatically be extended to nine months.

But you have to consider these applications are mostly for the seasonal agriculture worker program or agriculture stream positions.

No eligibility reviews

Service Canada has made it very easy for employers to hire Temporary Foreign Workers and the employers don’t need to go under new compliance reviews at this time. In other words, there will be no inspection or visit onsite. There’s not even direct contact with Canadian employer or Temporary Foreign Worker TFW through the process.

Reducing processing time forLMIA application

In a good effort, Service Canada has reduced the processing time of changing the name on the LMIA application from five business days to one business day which is very good news for both employers and temporary foreign workers.

The application on the global talent stream will be processed in 10 days.

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