July 31, 2020

Travel to Canada in 2020. Latest COVID-19 updates

Travel to Canada in 2020 and immigrate under many programs which are still available for foreign nationals .The Canadian border is still open to individuals who want to Immigrate to Canada during the pandemic.

The Canadian border closure with the United States has been extended to August 21st 2020. The border is closed to non-essential travels and there have been no guarantees that the border will open on that day and this rule is subject to change.

COPR holders can Immigrate to Canada if they come to Canada to obtain Permanent Residency . Even if you got your COPR issued after the travel restrictions on 20th March 2020 you are still eligible to travel to Canada in 2020. If your COPR has expired feel free to get in touch with us to further check the best options available for you.

Canada has closed its international borders till July 31st. Except the United States where the travel restriction applies till August 21st. There are still ways to Travel to Canada in 2020 with certain exceptions for Students, work permit and Foreign workers.

Canadian Citizens and Canadian Permanent Residents are permitted to travel to Canada in 2020 at any time.

Immediate family members of the Canadian Citizens and Permanent residences can travel to Canada in 2020 under special circumstances.

If you hold a temporary work permit (Express Entry) or have been approved for a work permit but not yet received it. Contact us on Whats app at +1 778 847 4825 and let us discuss the best options to Immigrate to Canada for you.

If you are interested to apply under IEC (International Experience Class) and have not yet activated your work permit, you will need to have a valid Job offer letter from an employer in Canada to be eligible by IRCC.

IEC candidates who were away from Canada and had already activated their work permit are permissible to travel to Canada without a job offer letter.

International students who have already received their work permit when the travel restrictions took effect on 18th March 2020. They can Immigrate to Canada and continue their studies without any restrictions.

Candidates from anywhere other than the U.S who hold COPR before March 18th 2020 and are eligible to travel to Canada to Immigrate permanently.

COPR holders in the United States that received their COPR after March 18th 2020 can Immigrate to Canada in spite the travel restrictions with the United States.

If you need more information on the impact of COVID-19 on your immigration application or your immigration plan , please contact us and one of our best immigration lawyer or immigration consultant will help you through the process and will answer your questions during our free consultation session. We can help you to travel to Canada in 2020 if you are eligible

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