February 1, 2020

Why should you open an Express Entry profile?

Why should you open an Express Entry profile even if you don’t have enough Comprehensive Ranking Score CRS to meet the last CRS score cut-off?

Express Entry program has introduced by Immigration and citizenship Canada in 2015 as an online point system to select the applicants under 3 subcategories. These sub-programs are as follows:

Although we were witnessing the score cut-off to go as low as 430 and 450 during the past 2 years, in general, in the last year the average of the comprehensive ranking score has increased and it has gone up even up to 472 points. This might discourage many people who were interested to immigrate to Canada under this immigration pathway.

These discouragement applicants may prevent many interested individuals to open an Express Entry profile and this may take away your chance of success if the cut_off score suddenly goes down again.

The major reasons to apply for Express Entry even if you don’t have enough points to meet the cutoff score are as follows

As we mentioned above the most important reason for applicants to open an Express Entry profile is not to lose their opportunity to receive an invitation to apply if the comprehensive ranking score cut off reduces as it did during the past 2 years and decreased up to 430 points. Many interested individuals regretted not having an Express Entry profile because they could easily obtain their permanent residency with such a low CRS score.

The second reason to open an Express Entry profile is the fact that you can open a profile and not lose the opportunity to receive ITA and at the same time you can improve your CRS score by working on your qualifications such as language proficiency, obtaining more experience in your job, increasing the level of your education or probably studying in Canada even in a one year course and getting a job offer from a Canadian employer.

The third reason to open an Express Entry profile is giving yourself the chance to be introduced to the Canadian job market. As you know when you open an Express entry profile you will open a job bank account at the same time. This account gives applicants the opportunity to introduce their resume to Canadian employers who are desperately looking to hire a foreign worker amongst applicants who are interested to live and work in Canada permanently.

The fourth reason is not to lose your chance to receive an invitation to apply through a provincial Nominee Program in Canada.

As you may know, nine provinces and two territories in Canada are participating in the Provincial Nominee Immigration program to help the local Canadian employers solve their labour shortage problem. These provinces and territories mostly look to solve this problem by choosing skilled workers who already have an open profile in the Express Entry pool. Sometimes applicants with CRS scores as low as 350 and even lower are able to receive an invitation to apply and obtain permanent residency in Canada.

At the end, you have to consider that Express Entry is an economic immigration program that is very important to the Canadian government to fulfill the need of Canadian employers to find their needed professional employees. That is the reason the Express Entry program is in charge of 42% of all Canada’s economy class immigration admissions.

If for any reason you are not interested to apply for Express Entry you can benefit from 80 economic class immigration programs provided by the Canadian government.

You have to consider that in the year 2020, Canada has the intention to invite almost 200,000 immigrants under economy class so there will be a chance that Express Entry cut-off score drops dramatically in the upcoming Express Entry draws.

If you need consultation regarding any of the 80 economic immigration programs, please contact us and one of our best immigration consultants or immigration lawyers will assess your eligibility to apply for any of the immigration programs and help you with all your immigration needs.

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